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I am a multimedia artist, based in Cambridge UK, having moved here from Mumbai, India in my late twenties. 
My art practice is defined by the continuous philosophical and spiritual enquiries that take place in my personal life.  Using nature as a central point I explore topics of particular interest to me such as identity, culture, ecology, science, memory and connections. I believe in extending this inquiry to include human and the ‘more- than- human', the animate and the inanimate. My endeavour is for my practice to have definitive outcomes whether these might be in the form of community gardening or the exchange of a gift without a monetary value attached to it, as inspired by the book ‘The Gift’ by Lewis Hyde. 
A recent development of interest has been in the fact that technology is now ubiquitous and there is a constant overlap of the digital and the real world. I am interested in exploring making work at the intersection of the two without losing connection with the natural world around us. 
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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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